Church Council

The Church Council is the decision-making body of the church.  Meetings are open to anyone to attend as an observer and are typically held on the 3rd Tuesday of odd months (i.e., Jan, March, etc.).  Anyone who is not a member of the Council and who wishes to present a topic to the Council for discussion or decision must submit their request at least 10 days in advance to the Church Council Chair to be considered for addition to the agenda.  To email the Church Council Chair via the church office, click here.

Read past Church Council meeting minutes.

Common Table

Our Common Table is an opportunity for every voice to be heard.  Meetings are typically held every other month in the even months (i.e., Feb, April, etc.).  Discussions on a variety of topics related to church life are invited.  To add your discussion topic to the agenda, it is helpful to contact the Chair in advance. To email the Common Table Chair (Grant Colley) via the church office click here.

Read summaries of past Common Table meetings.

Church Finances

Each year in the fall our Church Council approves a budget for the upcoming calendar year. It includes budgeted (projected) income and expenses. Each month our Finance Committee and Treasurer prepare a monthly summary of actual income and expenditures. You may click on the information below to learn more.

Monthly Financial Statements

2015 Budget